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    Chantel Ray Real Estate and Tide Radio want to send YOU to see the Washington Redskins protect their home field against the New York Giants on September 25. AND - Chantel Ray wants to help you protect your home with a free home Warranty! Sign up for your chance to win! 2 Luxury Club level tickets to see the Redskins and Giants play at FedEx Field and a free home warranty from Chantel Ray. Redskins. Giants. September 25.

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    What is Handpicked Music? You're busy, but you love music. You wish you had time to listen to 100 CDs a week, but you don't. That's what we do - find the good stuff and bring it to you every day. Old or new; renowned or unfound; the song everyone knows or the track everyone missed: it's like a radio station and your own personal iPod in one. We call it handpicked music. Check it out.