Chat with the Editor

Adrienne (Addie)  Berard, Managing Editor of Tide Radio’s local digital news partner WYDaily joins Hometown Host Aimee Bowen each Thursday at 8:40 a.m. for an inside look at some of the week’s top headlines and upcoming stories.

From inspiring stories to the fact-finding missions, hear how the news team keeps you informed on what’s going on around the Historic Triangle. Addie also gives an overview of weekend community events featured in WYDaily’s events calendar so you can get a jump start on planning your weekend!

Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  1. Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  2. Missing You // Facivii - Endless Me
  3. Pump The Club // Facivii - Endless Me
  4. Blue Groove Deluxe // Facivii - Endless Me
  5. Extreme Shot // Facivii - Endless Me
  6. Modern Dance Chart Opening // Facivii - Endless Me